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$9.89 – Murder of Crows (Lethal Lit, Novel #1)

Tig Torres explores the terrifying story of Hollow Falls in this original novel based on the hit podcast Lethal Lit by Einhorns Epic Productions and iHeartRadio!

Lethal Lit follows Tig Torres, a Cuban-American teenage detective, in her hometown of Hollow Falls. In the first season of the hit podcast, Tig used her cunning and bravery to track down the infamous “Lit Killer,” a serial killer who staged her murders based on death scenes from famous books. But in a place like Hollow Falls there is no rest for the brave and mysterious teens, and although Lit Killer is now behind bars, her protégé, Tig’s classmate and crush on Tig, Oly, has disappeared!

And that’s not the only game in progress. Tig came to the attention of the local Murder of Crows detective group. Obsessed with Hollow Falls’ dark past, you are obsessed with a dangerous search for the lost corpse of the founder. There are rumors of what is buried with the body that could change the life of anyone who finds it, and on a mission like this, it doesn’t take long for a member of the Murder of Crows to turn up dead.

Tig steps in with his friends Max and Wyn to help, but the stakes grow increasingly deadly. Someone is ready to kill to hide the secrets of the city, and if Tig is not careful, he will be the next victim of Murder of Crows.

Set between seasons 1 and 2 of the podcast, this original Lethal Lit story features a new never-before-told story featuring Tig Torres and his detective friends.

Murder of Crows (Lethal Lit, Novel #1)

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