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It was an innocent online flirt … until it’s gone …

Alexandra Hofmann thinks she has it all together. She lives in upscale Los Angeles with her husband Jason and three challenging children who are crazy about her work. She wasn’t going to “friend” her old friend Matt Daniels. She hasn’t seen him for 20 years. But as Alex’s 40th birthday approaches, she reconnects with Matt online and rereads her college diary to elaborate on their strong ties and unresolved end. But Alex has her hands full of children, and she can’t help her despite her best efforts.

Lonely, away from the helicopter’s mother and Jason not there, Alex’s flirt quickly moves from the internet to the real world. Alex finds her too late and she can’t trust her. When she meets Matt for dinner, her charm is undeniable. And when he touches her face, it’s electricity. When her life goes out of control, she clings to the bohemian life coach Lark to understand the mayhem she has caused. But Lark’s advice is clear. Alex must find the courage to face her past and her future, even if that means putting everything at risk.

Restless in LA

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