Unleashing Vampires: Unleashing Series, #2 – Rakuten Kobo Canada

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I was aware that my decisions would eventually come back to haunt me. I’ve been anticipating it. expecting it. I’m contemplating how I’ll eventually have to pay this debt back.

My sisters have been consigned to the underworld as punishment for me, which is a fate worse than death. Although I’m not happy with what I did, I can’t undo it.

However, I acted recklessly by developing relationships with people who will ultimately be caught in the crossfire while I waited for their fury to reach me.

Sooner or later, Lina and Arana will discover me. They’ll ask for atonement. They’ll be a murderous bunch. I’m blood.

I only hope that when that time comes, I will have the courage to stand up for the people who mean the most to me and have the chance to make things right.

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