Dog Bathing Tool Adjustable Bath Glove
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Dog Bathing Tool Adjustable Bath Glove, Cleaning Massage & Remove Hair Pets Shower Sprayer Bath Brush for Indoor & Outdoor Cat | Horse Grooming

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Dog Bathing Tool Adjustable Bath Glove. Sprayer and scrubber in one! Bathe and massage your pet at the very same time.

  • Comfy use This single is appropriate for all young pup bath hoses, so anybody in the family can be in charge of cleaning family pets.
  • Simply connect the hand shower to the shower or garden hose pipe. There’s a unique switch on the hand to change the water pressure, so you can turn the water on or off without releasing the tap.
  • Water will even penetrate the thickest fur. Use a flowing soft silicone shower head to pet your young pup for a very long time, after that, wash it with soap to lower pet anxiety.
  • The pet shower sprayer is outfitted with 2 tap adapters, can adapt to various interfaces, and can be easily installed and removed indoors or outdoors.
  • Let the water bath be the favorite of many drinking animals and cats. Eventually, it will become drier and the bathroom will be cleaner. This is also a great present for friends who love pets!

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