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Children and FC Barcelona supporters will be ecstatic to create a BrickHeadzTM model of themselves playing for one of the biggest football clubs in the world! Three various skin tones, four different hair colors, and numerous different hairstyles, such as spikes, ponytails, a mohawk, or shaved, are available to them. The shirt has the club’s recognizable crest on the front and two sticker sheets for supporters to affix their preferred number to the back.

  • Become a LEGO® BrickHeadzTM version of an FC Barcelona player! – Children 10 and older can design a model of themselves sporting the uniform of one of the major football clubs in the world.
  • Model that may be customized – Children can select from 3 distinct skin tones, 4 different hair colors, and a variety of hairstyles. Additionally, they have a choice of two sticker sheets for the number on their shirt.
  • Play and show – The model is more than 3 inches tall. (8 cm) tall and includes a football and a little goal for FC Barcelona supporters to have more fun.

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