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As you construct and display a LEGO® Star WarsTM Ultimate Collector Series replica of The Razor Crest (75331) spaceship, consider what it might be like to be a galactic bounty hunter. larger than 28 inches. It measures (72 cm) long and is jam-packed with real-world features that allude to iconic Star Wars: The Mandalorian moments. The starship’s enormous engines and top lift off for easy viewing of the intricate inside, and the cockpit can be opened to reveal the sleeping chambers. It contains side hatches, a cargo area with a weapons cabinet, a carbon-freezing chamber the size of a minifigure, and more, as well as a removable escape pod.

5 characters from Star Wars
The kit also includes a display stand for the brand-new for October 2022 LEGO Star Wars minifigures The Mandalorian, The Mythrol, and Kuiil, as well as a Grogu LEGO figure in a stroller and a buildable Blurrg LEGO figure.

Unique Present
Adult collectors of Star Wars or any skilled LEGO builder will like receiving this valuable LEGO set.

  • With this build-and-display model of The Razor Crest from the LEGO Star WarsTM Ultimate Collector Series, you can relive famous moments from Star Wars: The Mandalorian (75331)
  • A Grogu LEGO figure in a stroller, Mythrol and Kuiil LEGO® minifigures, a buildable Blurrg LEGO® figure to fit within The Razor Crest’s cargo area, and The Mandalorian LEGO® figure round out the collection of five Star WarsTM characters.
  • Removable engines and cockpit, two side hatches, a cargo area with room for the Blurrg, a weapons cabinet, and a carbon-freezing chamber the size of a LEGO® minifigure are just a few of the interior’s easy-to-access features.
  • Removable escape pod – The removable escape pod has room for a minifigure inside. Show off the LEGO® minifigures and figurines on the stand next to the plaque that highlights important details about The Razor Crest.
  • Gift suggestion: Buy this 6,186-piece set for yourself or as a birthday or holiday gift for another Star Wars: The Mandalorian enthusiast, skilled LEGO® builder, or owner of LEGO Star WarsTM UCS kits.
  • Centerpiece made with LEGOs: This Star WarsTM spacecraft is nearly 9 inches long. 28 in. high (24 cm). (72 cm) and 19.5 in. length. (50 cm) broad
  • Step-by-step directions with illustrations are provided so you may take your time and confidently take on this difficult building project.
  • Collectible LEGO® Star WarsTM kits for adults are intended for people like you who prefer enjoyable DIY activities to unwind in a mindful and creative way. They bring a galaxy far, far away to your house.
  • High quality: LEGO® building blocks are made to to industry standards, guaranteeing that they connect easily and firmly for sturdy structures.
  • To ensure their compliance with stringent international safety requirements, LEGO® components are dropped, burned, crushed, twisted, and meticulously studied.

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