TNT Supermarket AB Flyer | Oct 8

Valid Fri Oct 8 - Thur Oct 14

What's New

Great Deals at TNT Supermarket AB this week, including Honey Pomelo/Pomelo Red, Autumn Crisp Green Grapes, Gold Kiwifruit, Easy Peeled White Shrimp, Prepared Eel.

  • Honey Pomelo/Pomelo Red, only $8.00 for 3 or $3.00/ea!
  • Autumn Crisp Green Grapes (Seedless), only $2.48/lb!
  • Gold Kiwifruit (New Zealand) 2lbs, only $6.88/ea!
  • Easy Peeled White Shrimp (IQF, Gutted, 26/30) 454g, only $7.99/ea!
  • Prepared Eel (Frozen) 6oz, only $7.99/lb!
  • Nestle Carnation Thick Cream 170ml, only $4.98 for 2!
  • Dettol Antiseptic 1L, only $22.99 for 2 or $15.99/ea!
  • Bright dairy White Snow Ice Cube 460g, only $7.99 for 2 or $6.99/ea!

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