TNT Supermarket AB Flyer | Sep 2

Valid Fri Sep 2 - Thur Sep 8

What's New

Great Deals at TNT Supermarket AB this week, including Green Grapes, Gold Kiwifruit, White Nectarine/White Peach, Beef Short Plate Roll, Chicken Wingettes.

  • Green Grapes (Seedless) (USA), only CAD$2.88/pound!
  • Gold Kiwifruit (New Zealand), only CAD$27.88 per pack!
  • White Nectarine/White Peach (USA), only CAD$2.28/pound!
  • Beef Short Plate Roll (Frozen) 500g, only CAD$9.98 per pack!
  • Chicken Wingettes (IQF), only CAD$4.88/pound!
  • Fish Tofu (Previously frozen), only CAD$3.49/pound!
  • White Shrimps (IQF, Headless, 16/20), only CAD$8.99 per pack!
  • Dan-D Pak Natural Pistachios (Salted) 800g, only CAD$14.88 per pack!

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