TNT Supermarket Flyer Apr 2

TNT Supermarket Flyer Apr 2
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Great Deals at TNT Supermarket Alberta this week, including Nong Shim Instant Noodles, Samyang Fire Chicken Instant Noodle, Yanaga Iriko Niboshi, Binggrae Milk Drink, Sulraedam Snow Crab Paste.

  • Nong Shim Instant Noodles 103-137g*4, only $6.99/ea!
  • Samyang Fire Chicken Instant Noodle 110g-140g*5, only $11.99 for 2!
  • Yanaga Iriko Niboshi 250g, only $5.99 for 2!
  • Binggrae Milk Drink 200ml*6, only $6.48/ea!
  • Sulraedam Snow Crab Paste 80g, only $4.98/ea!
  • Korean King Oyster Mushroom, only $1.88/ea!
  • A5 Japanese Wagyu Beef (Frozen) 8oz, only $88.88/pk!
  • Japanese Cooked Scallop (Frozenn, 34/35) 340g, only $6.99/ea!

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