88 Supermarket Flyer | Jul 28

Valid Thur Jul 28 - Wed Aug 3

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Great Deals at 88 Supermarket BC this week, including Vinacafe Instant Coffee Mix, Live Lobster Canad Single Claw, Fresh Beef Inside Round Roast, Frozen Golden Pompano, Pangasinan Fish Sauce Patis.

  • Vinacafe Instant Coffee Mix 20x20g, only CAD$3.68 per pack!
  • Live Lobster Canad Single Claw, only CAD$13.98/pound!
  • Fresh Beef Inside Round Roast AAA, only CAD$4.98/pound!
  • Frozen Golden Pompano, only CAD$2.88/pound!
  • Pangasinan Fish Sauce Patis 750ml, only CAD$2.68 per pack!
  • Jumbo Red Cherries BC/Washington, only CAD$4.98/pound!
  • Mazola Pure Canola Oil 1.18L, only CAD$5.98 per pack!
  • Kwang Cheon Kim Seasoned Seaweed 10x5g, only CAD$5.48 per pack!

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