New Pacific Supermarket Flyer | Jan 14

1Valid Fri Jan 14 - Mon Jan 17

What's New

Great Deals at New Pacific Supermarket this week, including BBQ Pork, Black Tiger Prawn Headless, Vietnam Red Pomelo, Purple Yam, Pokan Mandarin.

  • BBQ Pork, only CAD$6.99/pound!
  • Black Tiger Prawn Headless 16/20, only CAD$13.99/pound!
  • Vietnam Red Pomelo, only CAD$12.00 for 2 or CAD$6.99 per pack!
  • Purple Yam, only CAD$0.99/pound!
  • Pokan Mandarin, only CAD$1.88/pound!
  • Sunkist Orange, only CAD$1.09/pound!
  • Beef Veal Brisket, only CAD$7.99/pound!
  • Boneless Chicken Drumstick, only CAD $4.59/pound!

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