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Rice World BC Flyer | Jun 18

Valid Fri Jun 18 - Thur Jun 23

What's New

Great Deals at Rice World BC this week, including China Fuji Apple, Donut Peach, Apricot, Thai Banana, Hami Melon.

  • China Fuji Apple, only $0.85/lb!
  • Donut Peach, only $3.88/lb!
  • Apricot, only $2.69/lb!
  • Thai Banana, only $0.89/lb!
  • Hami Melon, only $0.69/lb!
  • Rainier Cherry, only $5.99/lb!
  • White Peach, only $1.49/lb!
  • Watermelon, only $0.49/lb!

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