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Al Premium Food Mart Flyer Apr 1

Al Premium Food Mart Flyer Apr 1
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Great deals at Al Premium Food Mart Mississauga this week including Uji No Tsuyu Japanese Green Tea, Prime Delights Jiangxi Rice Vemicelli, Golden Panda Condensada Original Flavour, Guanyuan Green Peas/Sunflower Seeds/Broad Beans, Nutri White Egg Extra Large.

  • Uji No Tsuyu Japanese Green Tea 400g, only $3.58/ea! (Regular $4.99/ea)
  • Prime Delights Jiangxi Rice Vemicelli 400g, only ¢98/ea! (Regular $1.39/ea)
  • Golden Panda Condensada Original Flavour 300mL, only ¢98/ea! (Regular $1.39/ea)
  • Guanyuan Green Peas/Sunflower Seeds/Broad Beans 285g, only $5 for 2! (Regular $2.99/ea)
  • Nutri White Egg Extra Large 1 dz, only $2.98/ea! (Regular $$3.59/ea)
  • LKK Panda Bran Oyster Sauce 510g, only $2.88/ea! (Regular $3.59/ea)
  • Knorr Liquid Seasoning Original 250mL, only $1.98/ea! (Regular $2.99/ea)
  • Sumaco Sardine In Tomato Sauce 125g, only $3 for 2! (Regular $1.99/ea)

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