Al Premium Food Mart McCowan Flyer | Jan 13

Valid Thur Jan 13 - Wed Jan 19

What's New

Great Deals at Al Premium Food Mart McCowan this week, including Yellow Free Range Chicken, Live Manila Clams, Local Sweet Yam, Shanghai Bok Choy, Golden Red Kiwis.

  • Yellow Free Range Chicken, only CAD$10.99 per pack! (Regular CAD$11.99 per pack)
  • Live Manila Clams, only CAD$6.99/pound! (Regular CAD$7.59/pound)
  • Local Sweet Yam, only CAD$0.39/pound! (Regular CAD$0.59/pound)
  • Shanghai Bok Choy, only CAD$0.99/pound! (Regular CAD$1.49/pound)
  • Golden Red Kiwis, only CAD$3.88/box! (Regular CAD$4.99/box)
  • Mangosteen, only CAD$5.88/pound! (Regular CAD$4.88/pound)
  • Pat Chun Sweetened Vinegar 2.4L, only CAD$29.98 per pack! (Regular CAD$45.99 per pack)
  • Maggi Seasoning 800ml, only CAD$6.98 per pack! (Regular CAD$8.99 per pack)

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