Al Premium Food Mart McCowan Flyer | Oct 21

Valid Thur Oct 21 - Wed Oct 27

What's New

Great Deals at Al Premium Food Mart McCowan this week, including Beef Ribeye Roll, Live Razor Clams, Chinese Okra, Baby Okra, Yellow Pitahaya.

  • Beef Ribeye Roll, only CAD $6.99/pound! (Regular CAD $7.99/pound)
  • Live Razor Clams, only CAD $8.99/pound! (Regular CAD $10.99/pound)
  • Chinese Okra, only CAD $1.58/pound! (Regular $1.99/pound)
  • Baby Okra, only CAD $2.59/pound! (Regular CAD $3.99/pound)
  • Yellow Pitahaya, only CAD $4.99/pound! (Regular $5.88/pound)
  • 2Lb Golden Kiwi in Box, only CAD $7.88/box! (Regular CAD $8.99/box)
  • Samyang Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen 5x1140g, only CAD $4.98/each! (Regular $6.99/each)
  • Prime Delights Dried Shiitake Mushroom 200g, only CAD $4.88/each! (Regular $6.99/each)

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