Al Premium Foodmart Apr 8

Al Premium Foodmart Apr 8
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Great Deals at Al Premium Foodmart Mississauga this week, including Yellow Free Run Chicken, Live Blue Crab, White Radish, Seafood Mushroom in Bag, Thai Banana.

  • Yellow Free Run Chicken, only $9.99/ea! (Regular $11.99/ea)
  • Live Blue Crab, only $5.99/ea! (Regular 7.99/lb)
  • White Radish, only ¢69/lb! (Regular $0.99/lb)
  • Seafood Mushroom in Bag, only $2 for 2! (Regular $1.79/bag)
  • Thai Banana, only ¢99/lb! (Regular $1.39/lb)
  • Foojoy Brown Sugar in Pieces 400g, only ¢88/ea! (Regular $1.29/ea)
  • Nongshim Shin Ramyun Spicy-USA 480g, only $3.88/ea! (Regular $4.99/ea)
  • Blacktie Patagonian Toothfish, only $19.98/lb! (Regular $25.99/lb)

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