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Al Premium Foodmart Flyer Apr 8

Al Premium Foodmart Flyer Apr 8
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Great Deals at Al Premium Foodmart McCowan this week, including Angus Beef Short Ribs, Grape Tomatoes in Box, Green/Red Grape Seedless, Holiday Luncheon Meat, Searay Shrimp Shaomai Dumpling.

  • Angus Beef Short Ribs, only $8.99/lb! (Regular $9.99)
  • Bullhead Fish (Large), only $2.99/lb! (Regular $3.99/lb)
  • Crown Broccoli, only $1.58/lb! (Regular $1.99/lb)
  • Grape Tomatoes in Box, only $5.99/box! (Regular $7.99/box)
  • Green/Red Grape Seedless, only $2.59/lb! (Regular $3.99/lb)
  • Mazola Corn Oil, only $6.98/ea! (Regular $9.99/ea)
  • Holiday Luncheon Meat 340g, only $1.38/ea! (Regular $2.59/ea)
  • Searay Shrimp Shaomai Dumpling 400g, only $5.99/ea! (Regular $6.99)

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