Centra Food Market Barrie Flyer | Oct 14

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Great Deals at Centra Food Market Barrie this week, including Bag Avocado, Chinese Eggplant, Oasis Orange Juice, Hao Bang Shou Pressure Cooker, Cooling Gel.

  • Bag Avocado, Product of Mexico, only CAD$5 for 2! (Regular CAD$3.99/bag)
  • Chinese Eggplant, Product of Mexico, only $1.68/pound! (Regular CAD$2.59/pound)
  • Oasis Orange Juice, 2.5 L, only CAD$3.98 per pack! (Regular CAD$5.99 per pack)
  • Hao Bang Shou Pressure Cooker, 24cm, only CAD$69.99 per pack! (Regular CAD$99.99 per pack)
  • Cooling Gel, only CAD$6.99 per pack! (Regular CAD$9.99 per pack)
  • Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel, 300ml, only CAD$3.99 per pack! (Regular CAD$5.99 per pack)
  • Chopsticks, only CAD$4.99 per pack! (Regular CAD$6.99 per pack)
  • Sweet Papaya, Product of Mexico,  only CAD$0.98/pound! (Regular CAD$1.59/pound)

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