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Food Basics Flyer Apr 15

Food Basics Flyer Apr 15
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Great Deals at Foodbasics ON this week, including Schneiders Red Hots, Fresh Whole Chicken, Fresh Bone-In Pork Combination Chops, Hereford Corned Beef, Cashmere Bathroom Tissue.

  • Schneiders Red Hots or Maple Leaf Top Dogs Wieners (selected varieties) 375g, only $2.46/ea!
  • Fresh Whole Chicken, only $1.67/lb! (Regular $3.68/kg)
  • Fresh Bone-In Pork Combination Chops (including centre cut chops), only $1.85/lb! (Regular $4.08/kg)
  • Hereford Corned Beef (selected varieties) 340g, only $1.99/ea!
  • Cashmere Bathroom Tissue (selected varieties) 15 = 30’s, only $5.88/ea!
  • Fontaine Sante Hummus, Dips or Spreads (selected varieties) 227-260g, only $1.94/ea!
  • Irresistables Pistachios, Almond or Walnut Halves and Pieces (selected varieties) 200-250g, only $2.85/ea!
  • Red Seedless Grapes (Product of Chile or South Africa No. 1 Grade), only $1.98/lb! (Regular $4.37/kg)

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