Foody Mart Warden Flyer | May 13

Valid Fri May 13 - Thur May 19

What's New

Great Deals at Foody Mart Warden this week, including Sunity Herbal Jelly, Sunity Jelly Drink Series, Sunity Cream Jelly Series, Sunity Taiwan Herbal Jelly Series, Sunity Herbal Jelly.

  • Sunity Herbal Jelly 3x215g, only CAD$6.50 for 2!
  • Sunity Jelly Drink Series 5x253g, only CAD$6.99/pack!
  • Sunity Cream Jelly Series, only CAD$5.99/pack!
  • Sunity Taiwan Herbal Jelly Series 253g, only CAD$4.88 per pack!
  • Sunity Herbal Jelly 2x222g, only CAD$3.99/pack!
  • Sunity Pipa Cream Jelly Series 350g, only CAD$5.99 per pack!
  • Fans Big Soup Instant Noodle 5x140g, only CAD$5.99 per pack!
  • Liu Quan Snail Rice Vermicelli 268g, only CAD$2.99 per pack!

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