Foody World Kennedy Flyer | Oct 8

Valid Fri Oct 8 - Thur Oct 14

What's New

Great Deals at Foody World Kennedy this week, including Green Leaf Lettuce, Le Su Shirataki Knots, Hai Xin Stuffed Fish Ball, Hai Xin Squid Ball, Hai Xin Crab Flavour Stick.

  • Green Leaf Lettuce, only $2.49 for 2! (Regular $1.99/ea)
  • Le Su Shirataki Knots 160g, only $2.50 for 2! (Regular $1.99/ea)
  • Hai Xin Stuffed Fish Ball 340g, only $5.99/ea! (Regular $6.99)
  • Hai Xin Squid Ball 340g, only $5.99/ea! (Regular $6.99)
  • Hai Xin Crab Flavour Stick 340g, only $5.99/ea! (Regular $6.99)
  • Hai Xin Shrimp Dumpling with Fish Wrapper 340g, only $5.99/ea! (Regular $6.99)
  • Hai Xin Cheese Bun 340g, only $5.99/ea! (Regular $6.99)
  • Hai Xin Fish Ball with Fish Roe 340g, only $5.99/ea! (Regular $6.99)

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