H Mart Flyer | Oct 14

Valid Fri Oct 14 - Thur Oct 20

What's New

Great Deals at H Mart this week, including Korean Live Fluke, Korean Live Flounder, Live Blue Crab, Fresh Monk Fish, Fresh Spanish Mackerel.

  • Korean Live Fluke, only CAD$54.99/pound! (Regular CAD$121.23/kilogram)
  • Korean Live Flounder, only CAD$45.99/pound! (Regular CAD$110.21/kilogram)
  • Live Blue Crab, only CAD$6.99/pound! (Regular CAD$15.41/kilogram)
  • Fresh Monk Fish, only CAD$8.99/pound! (Regular CAD$19.82/kilogram)
  • Fresh Spanish Mackerel, only CAD$6.99/pound! (Regular CAD$15.41/kilogram)
  • Fresh Mackerel, only CAD$4.99/pound! (Regular CAD$11.00/kilogram)
  • Salted Mackerel, only CAD$6.99/pound! (Regular CAD$15.41/kilogram)
  • Fully Cooked Mussel, 500g, only CAD$5.99/pack!

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