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Loblaws ON Flyer | Jul 28

Valid Thur Jul 28 - Wed Aug 3

What's New

Great Deals at Loblaws ON this week, including PC® Blue Menu® Chicken Breasts or Thighs, Striploin Grilling Steak, Pork Back Ribs, Seedless Watermelon, Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets.

  • PC® Blue Menu® Chicken Breasts 3’s or Thighs 8’s boneless skinless Air chilled, only CAD$20 for 2! (Less than 2 CAD$12 per pack)
  • Striploin Grilling Steak boneless family size, cut from Canada AA or USDA Select grade beef or higher, only CAD$6.88/pound! (Regular CAD$15.17/kilogram)
  • Pork Back Ribs cryovac 2’s, only CAD$4.49/pound! (Regular CAD$9.90/kilogram)
  • Seedless Watermelon product of Canada or USA 14 lb average each, only CAD$5.44!
  • Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets family size, only CAD$10.99/pound! (Regular CAD$24.23/klogram)
  • Bulk Corn product of Ontario, Canada no. 1 grade each, only CAD$0.45!
  • Breyers Creamery Style Ice Cream 1.66 L, only CAD$3.99!
  • Delissio Thin Crispy Crust Pizza 475-550 g, only CAD$2.99!

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