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Sunny Foodmart Flyer Apr 16

Sunny Foodmart Flyer Apr 16
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Great Deals at Sunny Foodmart Don Mills this week, including Fresh Fryer Chicken, Head on White Shrimp, Surati Frozen Vegetables, O’ya Hoho Basa Steaks, Tatak Pinoy Tender Sarap Series.

  • Fresh Fryer Chicken (No Cut, No Clean), only $1.99/lb! (Regular $2.99)
  • Head on White Shrimp (Fri-Mon only), only $4.97/lb! (Regular $5.99)
  • Surati Frozen Vegetables 3420g, only ¢99/ea! (Regular $1.99)
  • O’ya Hoho Basa Steaks 650g, only $2.97/ea! (Regular $4.99)
  • Tatak Pinoy Tender Sarap Series 300g, only $2.97/ea! (Regular $4.99)
  • Hala Yogourt 750g, only $1.97/ea! (Regular $3.99)
  • Ivanhoe Goat Blend Marbled Cheddar Cheese 235g, only $2.97/ea! (Regular $5.99)
  • Lactantia Salted/Unsalted Butter 1lb, only $3.99/ea! (Regular $6.99)

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