Sunny Foodmart Flyer Apr 23

Sunny Foodmart Flyer Apr 23
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Great Deals at Sunny Foodmart Etobicoke this week, including Pre-Frozen Headless White Shrimp, Oasis 100% Premium Orange Juice, Minute Maid Apple Punch, Minute Maid Apple Punch, Bedessee Sabina Green Congo Pigeon Peas, M.Y. San Skyflakes Crackers.

  • Pre-Frozen Headless White Shrimp 26/30 (Fri-Mon only), only $6.99/lb! (Regular $9.99)
  • Oasis 100% Premium Orange Juice 1.5L, only $2.77/ea! (Regular $3.99)
  • Minute Maid Apple Punch 4*200ml, only $1/ea! (Regular $2.99)
  • Bedessee Sabina Green Congo Pigeon Peas 398ml, only $1/ea! (Regular $1.99)
  • M.Y. San Skyflakes Crackers 800g, only $5.99/ea! (Regular $7.99)
  • PuroLiva Canola & Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1.89L, only $5.99/ea (Regular $8.99)
  • India Gate Feast Rozzana Aged Basmati Rice 10lb, only $9.99/ea! (Regular $15.99)
  • Royal Grain Brand Milagrosa Thai Jasmine Rice 8kg, only $13.99/ea! (Regular $19.99)

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