Sunny Supermarket Leslie Flyer | Jun 25

Valid Fri Jun 25 - Thur Jul 1

What's New

Great Deals at Sunny Supermarket Leslie this week, including Chicken Wingettes, Live Striped Bass, Polar Seafood Greenland Prawns, Yaha Boneless Lamb Skewers, Conestoga Free Omega-3 Large Brown Egg.

  • Chicken Wingettes, only $3.99/lb! (Regular $5.99)
  • Live Striped Bass (Fri-Sun only), only $9.99/lb! (Regular $12.99)
  • Polar Seafood Greenland Prawns 2.5lb, only $6.88/box! (Regular $12.99)
  • Yaha Boneless Lamb Skewers 350g, only $9.99/ea! (Regular $12.99)
  • Conestoga Free Omega-3 Large Brown Egg, only $8.88 for 2! (Regular $6.99/ea)
  • Nongshim Air Dried Shin Ramyun Light 4packs, only $799/ea! (Regular $9.99/ea)
  • Unico Sunflower Oil 3L, only $9.99/ea! (Regular $12.99)
  • Pacific Star Superior Premium Jasmine Rice 8kg, only $9.99/ea! (Regular $12.99)

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