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TNT Supermarket Flyer Apr 23

TNT Supermarket Flyer Apr 23
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Great Deals at TNT Supermarket GTA this week, including Taiwanese Bok-Choy, Elephant Papaya, Fresh Atlantic Salmon Steak, Previously Frozen Chicken Wingette, San Sui Tofu Selected.

  • Taiwanese Bok-Choy (Mexico), only ¢99/lb!
  • Elephant Papaya (Mexico), only $1.29/lb!
  • Fresh Atlantic Salmon Steak (Only Fri,Sat,Sun,Mon), only $5.99/lb!
  • Previously Frozen Chicken Wingette (Only Fri,Sat,Sun,Mon), only $3.99//lb!
  • San Sui Tofu Selected 454g, only $3.50 for 2!
  • Achino Ice Bar Selected 255g-360g, only $5.79 and up/box!
  • Sekka Sushi Rice Select 15lbs, only $12.99/bag!
  • Wing Yet Ca Mein 1.4kg, only $2.99/box!

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