WinCo Food Mart Flyer May 5

Valid Thur May 5 - Wed May 12

What's New

Great Deals at WinCo Foodmart this week, including Haidilao Hot Pot Soup Base, LKK Panda Brand Oyster Flavoured Sauce, Fresh Milk Cookies, Thai Gold Frozen Shrimp, 100% Deluxe Dim Sum.

  • Haidilao Hot Pot Soup Base 200g, only $2.88/ea! (Regular $3.99/ea)
  • LKK Panda Brand Oyster Flavoured Sauce 907g, only $4.68/ea! (Regular $6.99/ea)
  • Fresh Milk Cookies 800g, only $4.88/ea! (Regular $8.99/ea)
  • Thai Gold Frozen Shrimp (Peeled & Deveined) 16/20, only $9.99/ea! (Regular $11.99/ea)
  • 100% Deluxe Dim Sum 250g, only $11.99 for 2! (Regular $8.99/ea)
  • Clearwater Arctic Surf Clams 1kg, only $23.88/ea! (Regular $29.99/ea)
  • Live Barramundi, only $8.88/lb!
  • Baby Shanghai Bok Choy, only $1.58/lb!

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