WinCo Food Mart Flyer | Nov 11

Valid Thur Nov 11 - Wed Nov 17

What's New

Great Deals at WinCo Foodmart this week, including Liu Zhou Famous Brand Snail Rice Noodles, G7 Instant Coffee Mix 3in1, Fried Dace with Salted Black Bean, Thai Gold Frozen Shrimp, Great Lake Greenland Halibut Steak.

  • Liu Zhou Famous Brand Snail Rice Noodles 300g, only CAD$3.88 per pack! (Regular CAD$4.99 per pack)
  • G7 Instant Coffee Mix 3in1 288g, only CAD$5.00 for 2! (Regular CAD$3.99 per pack)
  • Fried Dace with Salted Black Bean 184g, only CAD$2.88 per pack! (Regular CAD$3.99 per pack)
  • Thai Gold Frozen Shrimp 16/20 380g, only CAD$10.88 per pack! (Regular CAD$12.99 per pack)
  • Great Lake Greenland Halibut Steak 400g, only CAD$10.88 for 2! (Regular CAD$6.99 per pack)
  • 100% Deluxe Dim Sum Jumbo Shrimp & Pork Wonton 250g, only CAD$11.99 for 2! (Regular CAD$8.99 per pack)
  • Live Green Bass, only CAD$11.99/pound!
  • Watercress, only CAD$1.98 for 2!

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