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Yuan Ming Supermarket Flyer Apr 16

Yuan Ming Supermarket Flyer Apr 16
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Great Deals at Yuan Ming Supermarket this week, including Fresh Shanghai Bok Choy, Sanford Frozen N/Z Greenshell Mussels, Barrio Fiesta Salted Shrimp Paste, ZWG Baking Pastries Series, Fresh Free Run Chicken.

  • Fresh Shanghai Bok Choy, only ¢99/lb! (Regular $1.49)
  • Sanford Frozen N/Z Greenshell Mussels 800g, only $7.99/ea! (Regular $11.39)
  • Barrio Fiesta Salted Shrimp Paste 500g BF, only $5.99/ea! (Regular $9.29)
  • ZWG Baking Pastries Series 190g, only $5.99/ea! (Regular $8.99)
  • Fresh Free Run Chicken, only $10.99/ea! (Regular $13.99)
  • Heiwa Frozen Sanki-style Udon 250gx5, only $2.99/ea! (Regular $3.99)
  • Tastie Sweet Potato Vermicelli 400g, only $3.00 for 2! (Regular $1.99/ea)
  • ZW Crisp Mini Fried Dough Series 512g, only $3.99/ea! (Regular $5.99)

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