Yuan Ming Supermarket Flyer Apr 2

Yuan Ming Supermarket Flyer Apr 2
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Great Deals at Yuan Ming this week, including Red Delicious/Golden Delicious, Kopiko Capuccino/Creamy Coffee Mix/Brown Coffee, Loacker Bite Size Wafer Cookies(Selected), LZQ Lotus Root Powder w/Osmanthus Nuts, FY/G&L Frozen Cooked Clam Meat.

  • Red Delicious/Golden Delicious 5lbs, only $3.99 per bag! (Regular $5.99)
  • Kopiko Capuccino/Creamy Coffee Mix/Brown Coffee 750-900g, only $7.99! (Regular $10.99/ea)
  • Loacker Bite Size Wafer Cookies (selected) 220g-250g, only $2.99! (Regular $4.99/ea)
  • LZQ Lotus Root Powder w/ Osmanthus Nuts 350g, only $8.88/ea! (Regular $13.99)
  • FY/G&L Frozen Cooked Clam Meat 300g, only $3.00 for 7! (Regular $3.00/ea)
  • YX Vegetarian Pepper Flavor Meal Kit, only $3.00 for 2! (Regular $5.99/ea)
  • San Miguel Chicken Luncheon Meat 340g, only $2.99! (Regular $3.99/ea)
  • DH Shanxi Superior Mature Venigar 500mL, only $3.00 for 2! (Regular $2.29/ea)

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