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Yuan Ming Supermarket Flyer Jun 4

Valid Fri Jun 4 - Thur Jun 10

What's New

Great Deals at Yuan Ming Supermarket this week, including Fresh Lotus Root, Fresh Bok Choy Sum, Fresh Baby Mustard, Fresh Neo Bok Choy, Fresh Chinese Celery.

  • Fresh Lotus Root, only $1.88/lb! (Regular $2.39)
  • Fresh Bok Choy Sum, only ¢89/lb! (Regular $1.49)
  • Fresh Baby Mustard, only ¢89/lb! (Regular $1.49)
  • Fresh Neo Bok Choy, only ¢98/lb! (Regular $1.59)
  • Fresh Chinese Celery, only $1.59/lb! (Regular $2.29)
  • Curly Cucumber, only ¢88/lb! (Regular $1.59)
  • Fresh Green Beans, only $1.39/lb! (Regular $1.99)
  • Fresh King Mushroom, only $1.39/lb! (Regular $1.99)

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