Marché C&T Brossard Flyer | Jun 23

Valid Thur Jun 23 - Wed Jun 29

What's New

Great Deals at Marché C&T Brossard this week, including Disponible Kids Mask, Disponible Non*Medical Mask, Botan Calrose Rice, Fengmai Brand Millet, Eagle Coin Brand Maw Soupe.

  • Disponible Kids Mask 50pcs, only CAD$3.99 per pack! (Regular CAD$4.99)
  • Disponible Non*Medical Mask 50pcs, only CAD$2.99 per pack! (Regular CAD$4.99)
  • Botan Brand Extra Fancy Calrose Rice 40lbs, only CAD$42.99 per pack! (Regular CAD$47.99)
  • Fengmai Brand Millet 2.5kg, only CAD$13.99 per pack! (Regular CAD$19.99)
  • Eagle Coin Brand Maw Soupe 228g, only CAD$9.99 per pack! (Regular CAD$11.99)
  • Laojikou Brand Hickory Flavor Sunflower Seeds/Roasted Peanut 500g, only CAD$5.99 per pack! (Regular CAD$6.99)
  • Sunity Brand Herbal Jelly Series 253gx5, only CAD$5.99 per pack! (Regular CAD$7.99)
  • Tatana Villahe Brand Mochi Series 150g-200g, only CAD$2.99 per pack! (Regular CAD$4.99)

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