Marché C&T Montreal Flyer | Jun 23

Valid Thur Jun 23 - Wed Jun 29

What's New

Great Deals at Marché C&T Montreal this week, including Yonglongxing Brand Dried Mushroom Shiitake, Joyshare Brand Salted Duck Eggs, Miawko Brand Kuan Mian Noodle, Luhua Brand 5S Pressing First Class Peanut Oil, Luoxiaojiang Brand Instant Rice Noodle.

  • Yonglongxing Brand Dried Mushroom Shiitake 250g, only CAD$7.99 per pack!
  • Joyshare Brand Salted Duck Eggs 375g, only CAD$3.59 per pack!
  • Miawko Brand Kuan Mian Noodle 900g, only CAD$6.99 per pack!
  • Luhua Brand 5S Pressing First Class Peanut Oil 1L, only CAD$9.99 per pack!
  • Luoxiaojiang Brand Instant Rice Noodle, only CAD$5.00 for 2!
  • Daofandian Brand Instant Rice/Noodle Series, only CAD$5.99 per pack!
  • Erawan Brand Glutinous Rice Flour 400g, only CAD$1.69 per pack!
  • Wugudaochang Brand Instant Noodle 535g, only CAD$4.99 per pack!

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