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Marché C&T Montreal Flyer May 13

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Valid Thur May 13 - Wed May 19

What's New

Great Deals at Marché C&T Montreal this week, including Bontan Brand Extra Fancy Calrose Rice, Unico Vegetable Oil, Maggi Seasoning, Quaker’s Oat, Lotte Choco Pie.

  • Bontan Brand Extra Fancy Calrose Rice 15lb, only $13.88/ea!
  • Unico Vegetable Oil 3L, only $5.88/ea!
  • Maggi Seasoning 800ml, only $6.88/ea
  • Quaker’s Oat 900g-1kg, only $2.88/ea!
  • Lotte Choco Pie 336g, only $2.88/ea!
  • Huashansing Knife Pare Noodles 600g, only $2.98/ea!
  • Nin Jiom Pa Koa 300ml, only $6.99+tax/ea!
  • Erawan Brand Rice Stick (1mm, 3mm) 1lb, only $1.39/ea!

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