Marché C&T Montreal Flyer | Nov 18

Valid Thur Nov 18 - Wed Nov 24

What's New

Great Deals at Marché C&T Montreal this week, including Lee Kum Kee Premium Oyster Flavoured Sauce, Ajinomoto Brand Japanese Mayonnaise, Guxin Brand White Glutinous Rice, Guxin Brand Four Red Peanuts, Linjiapuzi Brand Canned Fruit Series.

  • Lee Kum Kee Premium Oyster Flavoured Sauce 510g, only CAD$4.99 per pack!
  • Ajinomoto Brand Japanese Mayonnaise 400g, only CAD$3.99 per pack!
  • Guxin Brand White Glutinous Rice 1.816kg, only CAD$5.99 per pack!
  • Guxin Brand Four Red Peanuts 908g, only CAD$5.99 per pack!
  • Linjiapuzi Brand Canned Fruit Series 350g-360g, only CAD$3.59 per pack!
  • Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 24pcs, only CAD$9.99 per pack!
  • Maggi Seasoning 800ml, only CAD$6.69 per pack!
  • Trois Crabes Brand Fish Sauce 682ml, only CAD$8.99 per pack!

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